Quinoa Steam Dosa

Quinoa is considered a super grain as it is high in proteins, fiber and is gluten free. Being highly nutritious, Quinoa Steam Dosa is quite a common meal among my family and friends. The process of steaming keeps all the nutrients intact and you can be rest assured that this will be a winner with your family and friends too. It’s even better if the batter is fermented, making it good for digestion and it helps absorb Vitamin D.


1/4 cup Idli rice

1 cup Quinoa Seeds

¼ cup Urud dal

1 tbsp Fenugreek seeds

3 tbsp Beaten rice/cooked rice

Salt as per taste

Oil to grease the Tawa/ flat griddle


Wash and soak the idli rice, Quinoa, urud dal and fenugreek seeds together in clean water for 4 hrs and grind it with beaten rice or cooked rice to a fine paste by adding water little by little. The batter should be of pouring consistency.

Add salt to the batter, mix it well, cover and keep overnight for fermentation.

The batter will become fluffy and light once fermented. Check the salt and the consistency of the batter.

Heat the Tawa in a medium flame and apply oil onto the tawa. Pour one big ladle of the batter on the hot tawa and spread it in circular manner to form a thin dosa.

Wait until the holes appear in the dosa.

Close it with lid and allow it to cook.

When the sides of dosa become brown remove it from the tawa.

If you like crispy dosa, cook it open and drizzle ghee or oil lavishly and serve hot.

Serve it with the sides of your choice like Egg Korma, Coconut chutney, chow chow peel Chutney, Tomato chutney, Idli podi, Sambar.

Bharathi is a Daughter, Mother, Wife, Sister and an avid food enthusiast (in order of preference!).

When she saw the modern life struggles of her children, with the economy, work life balance, and finances to worry about; she decided that food and health should be one less item on the worry list. Dubai has been her home for the past 30 years and good food remains a close knit aspect of the fabric of her family life here. All her cooking techniques, recipes and the emotions associated with it, have been handed down across three generations. However, today, it is her daughter and the new age millennial’s that inspire her to cook the traditional fares with a healthy twist – keeping it simple and healthy.

Follow her Instagram for more inspiring healthy dishes @mycoconutstories

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